Teachers in Scottish schools can access a training service being delivered through the Local Footprints Project which enables them to use the Schools’ Global Footprint resource. Working closely with Eco Schools Scotland the training service will help schools to measure their footprint, devise measures to reduce footprint in liaison with relevant local authority departments and use Schools’ Global Footprint across the curriculum.

The Schools Global Footprint resource comprises two complementary parts:

For Learners – The materials are written for use with P7, S1 and S2 pupils and to complement the Eco Schools Programme. The site introduces and enables the calculation of personal Ecological Footprints, as well as the School’s Ecological Footprint. Broken down into six components: energy; water; waste; food; transport and buildings, learners collect information to enable them to calculate the Footprint of the school.

For Teachers – Practical, curriculum based, teaching and learning ideas and materials are offered in a broad global context – hence the term ‘Global Footprint’. There are suggestions for activities to introduce and investigate each of the components of the Ecological Footprint, and their interconnections.

Eco Schools

The resource supports Education for Citizenship and the Eco Schools programme and shows clear relevance to several Scottish curriculum areas (eg sciences, social studies, mathematics, health and wellbeing, languages, technologies, expressive arts and religious and moral education).