Local Authorities

The Local Footprints Project was launched in May 2007 and will run for two years. It helps local authorities and schools make an effective contribution to reducing Scotland’s global environmental impact through the use of footprint analysis to inform policy and practice, to raise awareness, and change behaviour.

The project enables local authority staff and teachers to access training and support to help them reduce the footprint of their area or school.

It is a joint project between WWF Scotland and the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN), with funding and support from Eco Schools Scotland, the Improvement Service, the Scottish Government and ScottishPower.

Aberdeen City Council Global Footprint Project

Aberdeen City Council was one of the three local authorities involved in Scotland’s Global Footprint Project which ran until June 2007. It continues its commitment towards evidence based policy decisions through the use of the footprint approach. All policies and strategies will be “footprinted” to give councillors and officers a clear understanding of their environmental implications.

Footprint analysis has been used to evaluate the eight different land-use strategies proposed for the North East Strategic Development Plan. Aberdeen City has also incorporated footprinting into the City’s Local Housing Strategy’s Strategic Environmental Assessment.Aberdeen City Council’s State of the Environment Report (2006) has used the footprint analysis to calculate an environmental baseline.

Aberdeen City will continue to build capacity in using the footprint approach within the council. Two new Sustainable Development posts are being created and global footprinting will be a key task within in their positions.

The North Lanarkshire Global Footprint Project

North Lanarkshire has one of the lowest ecological footprints in Scotland – but we are still using more than our share of the planet’s resources. The North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP) is committed to reducing our footprint. We have outlined our commitment in the UK’s first local authority Footprint Reduction Report published in October 2006.

This report shows what the Partnership is doing to reduce our footprint through the types of houses we build, the food we buy and the transportation we make available. Our reduction report outlines practical actions and policy changes we can take to ensure our communities live and work more sustainably.

We are seeking to build on the work we progressed with Scotland’s Global Footprint Project by integrating footprinting into our policies and plans to make it easier for residents to choose a less wasteful lifestyle. Combining individual actions with policy change will help us to reduce our global impact, and ensure quality of life for our community now and in the future.